The EMS Champion Post Algeria.SPA, a 100% subsidiary of the Algeria Post Company, has embarked on a process of modernization and development which allows it to offer its customers a quality service at competitive prices. Our services comply with the International Norms and Standards set by the EMS Cooperative of the Universal Postal Union .UPU, to which our company is affiliated as a permanent member. Being a service intended to meet defined needs, the Champion Post service has the following advantages: Speed, reliability and security, electronic tracking of shipments. Customizable services according to needs, a traceability system and reliable feedback (IPS Track and Trace).






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What is EMS?

EMS is an international postal Express Mail Service, for documents and goods, offered by the postal operators of the Universal Postal Union (UPU). The UPU is an intergovernmental organization and the main forum for cooperation between governments, Posts and other players in the global postal sector. It works to maintain the universal network, establish the rules for international postal exchanges between its 191 members and improve the quality of service for customers. The EMS Cooperative was created in 1998 within the framework of the UPU. Its main objective is to promote cooperation among members to enable them to provide customers with quality, competitive EMS service worldwide.