Frequently Asked Questions !

What is Proof of Delivery (POD/E1)?

A duly completed POD is a document certifying the deposit of a shipment at an EMS counter, it is at the same time a means of proving the delivery of the shipment. EMS champion Post therefore offers an additional guaranteed delivery service.

How can I track my EMS shipment?

You can track your shipment using the tracking number or the barcode assigned to each package sent by our service. Go to our tracking tab site, enter the tracking number or the barcode of the package. You will have information on the status of your shipment.

If I do not have my shipment number, is it still possible to track my package?

No, we advise you not to lose your registration number from your slip, otherwise the EMS service cannot access the tracking information without a shipment number.

Should I bring my package/shipment to you?

For the General Public, the operation is carried out at any EMS agency or counter within the main receipts of Algérie Poste throughout the national territory.

Concerning contracted customers, a collection operation at the communicated address is provided by the services of the EMS.

Do I need to specify the content of my shipment?

You must pay close attention to the information you provide on the EMS document. False declarations or approximate, missing or erroneous information may result in poor service.

Is it possible to pay by check?

The choice is left to the customer to opt for any legal means of payment.

For registered customers, payment is made by check or bank transfer.

Is it possible to send volumetric or very bulky objects?

The weight is limited to 30Kg, and concerning the maximum dimensions the shipments must not exceed 150Cm and 300 Cm for the sum of the length plus 2 widths and 2 heights.

Your product must not be part of the list of prohibited products in accordance with the general conditions of sale.

Why is Customs blocking my shipment?

All EMS shipments are systematically checked by the Customs services. The sender must respect the import conditions of the country of destination to avoid any blockage.
Customs can in particular block your shipment for control in the event of a missing or incomplete invoice or in the event of non-payment of customs duties.

Can I be delivered by EMS from foreign online sales sites?

For the moment EMS Champion Post Algeria does not provide this kind of service, the customer must check with the web merchant how the delivery will be made.

Are we open on Saturdays?

Yes we are and here are our agencies that open on Saturdays:

The big post office, El Biar, Said Hamdine, Boulevard Mohamed V, Bouira, Chlef, Oran, Arzew, Tizi Ouzou.